46 Free Computer Pranks

The free software listed here is perfect for the most mischievous pranks and computer gags. This software is great for playing jokes on those unsuspecting users. Click on any of our computer pranks below to get more information and download them.


Pretends to remove all of the software from your machine using the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.


A harmless prank that makes your Windows start button avoid your mouse!

Backwards Mouse

Backwards mouse will reverse all mouse movements on the desktop.

Blue Screen of Death

This prank simulates the Windows


Use the Bomb program when you want to display that dreaded Windows Illegal Operation message dialog box.

Click Me

Want someone to have fun chasing a button around the screen? This Click Me jumps out of the way each time someone tries to click it.


The ClickStart prank will click the users start button every 45 seconds. This is a very annoying prank!


Prank someone with this fake, customizable Clippy assistant.

Copy Cursor

Replicate the mouse cursor to random positions on the screen.

Crazy Num Caps Scroll

This program is truly a jokesters dream. It will allow you to setup the toggling of the Caps, Num and Scroll lock keys.

Cursor Fun

Cursor Fun is a hilarious gag program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor.

Dirty Mouse

Prank someone by making them think their mouse ball is dirty or their optical mouse is not responding.


DownHoax is an Internet Explorer compatible download simulator. The servers it accesses, as well as the files it downloads, are completely bogus.

Email Fun

Email Fun is an amusing prank simulates emailing everyone in your address book.

Fake Delete

Fake Delete is the perfect prank to play on any unsuspecting user. It simulates deleting a specified directory from the machine. Very realistic, even power users will be fooled.

Fake Format

Fake Format was created by popular demand, and pretends to format a specified drive. Very realistic dialogs, summaries, and even hard drive chatter.

Fake Shutdown

Fake Shutdown is a gag that looks like you tried to shutdown Windows.

Fake Start Menu 95

Fake Start Menu replaces the Windows 95 Start Menu (task bar) with a fake one that will not respond to anything.


Flash a subliminal message to the computer screen.

Flip It

Flip It is the craziest Windows message you have ever seen!

Floppy Madness

Drive someone MAD with this random floppy drive cruncher.

Follow Me

With this software your Windows Start Button will horizontally follow your mouse cursor across the task bar.

Gas Gripe

Gas Gripe is a fun program that spoofs current gasoline prices.


HeadAche is a program that will give you a headache. Don't believe it? Run it and see.

Mime Mouse

If you want mouse mischief this is the program for you. Mime Mouse will randomly limit the mouse cursor to an area on the screen.

Mouse Droppings

Make your mouse poop all over the screen with this dirty little prank!

Mouse Mayhem

Ever wanted to take control of your friends mouse and make it simulate mouse actions? Well you can with Mouse Mayhem.

Mouse Move

Want to randomly move the mouse cursor? Download this free software.


A fun prank program that will disable the users mouse clicks!

Password Prank

Password Prank displays a bogus password dialog screen, then errors when keys are pressed.

Pirated Software

Make someone think they are installing pirated software with this prank.

Popup Prank

Fool your friends into thinking their photo is in an online popup advertisement.

PowerSave Prank

A harmless prank that puts your screen into power save mode.

Print Me

Print Me is a bogus print dialog prank program that is thorough enough to trick the most skillful user.

Program - WAV Launcher

This program is a hidden launcher that will puzzle any user as to why programs or .wav files are randomly being launched.

Random Burper

This hidden software will randomly play disgusting burp sounds every minute.

Random Farter

Random Farter is a hidden fart sound player. It will randomly play disgusting fart sounds every minute until it is closed.


The ReplaceKeys prank replaces key presses with other keyboard keys.


If you want to randomly manipulate the desktop, Rotate is just for you.

Screen Screw

Want to screw with someones screen? Download this free prank!


Never fear, Shakedown is here! Rattle your desktop on wild and crazy ride.

Show - Hide Desktop

Show - Hide Desktop is a prank that will show and then hide your Windows desktop icons.

The Finger

The Finger is a hilarious joke program that will flash the mouse cursor to a hand with the middle finger up and then back to the normal cursor again.

Time Traveler

The Time Traveler prank changes your system clock to a random time, every 30 seconds.

Vista Upgrade Prank

Gag that simulates an upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista.

Y2K Joke

Y2K is the perfect joke for anyone familiar with the millenium bug. This program has it all - from changing all letter Ys to letter Ks, to pretending to correct the mouse's Y2K problem. This gag is hilarious!