Random Farter


Random Farter is just that, a hidden software program that will play gross fart sounds randomly every minute until closed. There are many different fart sounds that our software has to choose from. Our software has an added feature of turning the internal Windows volume to maximum just before burping, then restoring it back to the original settings. Place Random Farter on an unsuspecting office worker and watch them become red with embarrassment.

Screen shots

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How to close

Move your mouse pointer to the TOP LEFT corner of your screen. This will stop the program from running in memory. If you have successfully moved your mouse in the correct position, the program will close and display an About Box Screen. Once you close this screen, the program will exit. Exiting the software will allow Windows to delete the file.

Download Random Farter

Fools Tools Random Farter is an exclusive prank that is only included in our Fools Tools CD collection of computer pranks and gags. Click here for more pranks that are included in this CD-ROM collection.

Windows Support

Random Farter will run on these Windows editions: