Fake Delete

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Fake Delete simulates the deletion of all files/folders in the Windows directory or whichever directory is passed via the command line. Fake Delete uses the standard Windows delete dialog so it appears very realistic, and it cannot be disabled or stopped. The custom delete file display list is generated by scanning the computer?s directory, and actually displays the files being deleted. When Fake Delete initially starts, it adds a file to the Recycle Bin to assist the illusion. If a directory is passed on the command line, then that directory is the directory deleted. By default, the Windows directory is deleted. The hard drive actually makes noise each time a file is deleted. If you do not wish to see the splash screen after the program has closed, just pass the word 'silent' on the command line.

Screen shots

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Command line Options

Pass the directory you want deleted on the command line. You can also pass the word 'silent' so the splash screen will not display.


"C:\MY STUFF\FAKEDEL.EXE" "C:\DOS" silent This would "pretend" to delete the DOS directory and NOT display the splash screen.

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? Read our detailed explanation here.

How to close

Fake Delete will display a splash screen when it has completed "pretending" to delete the hard drive. After you close this splash screen the program will exit.

Download Fake Delete

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Windows Support

Fake Delete will run on these Windows editions: