Fool's Tools

A CD-ROM Collection of Classic Computer Pranks
Sale Price of only $4.99 plus S&H

RJL Software's ultimate computer prank CD collection is here! This CD includes 25 of the best computer pranks and gags that we have to offer. A Pranksters Dream, this CD has it all from the infamous Fake Delete to the new and exclusive Blue Screen of Death. Get Fool's Tools for timeless loads of laughs for April 1st and beyond.

This professionally mastered CD-ROM will give years of enjoyment. No need to download our software, just buy the CD and you will have them all. Plus you will get 5 extra pranks that are not found anywhere else! Order your copy and you won't be disappointed.

Fool's Tools includes such features as:

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Exclusive Pranks

Backwards Mouse

Backwards mouse will reverse all mouse movements on the desktop.

Blue Screen of Death

This prank simulates the Windows

Mime Mouse

If you want mouse mischief this is the program for you. Mime Mouse will randomly limit the mouse cursor to an area on the screen.

Mouse Mayhem

Ever wanted to take control of your friends mouse and make it simulate mouse actions? Well you can with Mouse Mayhem.

Random Farter

Random Farter is a hidden fart sound player. It will randomly play disgusting fart sounds every minute until it is closed.

Screen shots

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