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When you launch Print Me the standard Windows Print dialog appears, no matter which button is pressed a fake print dialog screen displays to the user. On this print progress dialog any of 10 random files appear to be sent to the default printer. During this prank process the standard Windows Printers tray icon is added to the task bar. If the user clicks on the tray icon to view or delete the documents being printed, another bogus printers dialog appears. This printer window emulates the exact functionality of the Windows print dialog. Features included in this realistic printers window are error messages, document replication and much more.

Once the prank has completed a 10 second pause occurs to allow the user to think about their next step, then our splash screen appears to let them know it was just a prank!

Screen shots

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How to close

Wait 10 seconds after you close the bogus print dialog screen and an About Box screen will appear. Clicking close on this screen will close the application.

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Windows Support

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